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I cant write ENOUGH to express my extreme pleasure of dealing with Promgirl.net. I will heartily recommend them to all my friends! After placing an order for a gorgeous prom dress at an alternative site, I received an email that informed days later that it was OUT OF STOCK - not due in til way after Prom. I scouted many other sites, each time calling to see if our Mora Lee selection was available. My daughter was becoming increasingly frustrated of not being able to have the dress she had wanted so much. Then one early morning I happened across the site Promgirl.net Naturally searched to find our dress to see they had it. I waited til they opened & phoned to check availability. They did!! I was thrilled and immediately did the online purchase. Later after further browsing their site - I noted the expediency of their shipping. Seems that Promgirl has a GREAT reputation for getting your purchase delivered promptly, NOT LIKE other sites that make you wait weeks. We had another dilemma ... Spring break & no one would be home to get the package. Horrified I called & the gentleman assured me that the dress would be arriving the day before we left! Well it did !! My daughter is elated - and she looks absolutely divine! Thank you ! Thank you Promgirl.net! We are sold! Surely prom & a young girl emotes many emotions... fortunately my next prom concern is in four years & a boy. But I can assure you, Ill be recommending this site to his date! D. DiCianni

Order: 10370 I am Dionne A. Henry from the British Virgin Islands, I purchased the lovely Jovani dress #11718 as I was vying for the title of Ms. Gorgeous. On February 24th, 2007, I was crowned Miss Gorgeous 2007 and also won all the segments including Best Evening wear. Special thanks to Promgirl.net with their speedy delivery and also their very good customer services. I recommend all my friends of your site. Thanks for making part of my dream into reality.

Order: 10730 Rating: Excellent Body:As my prom s not until June i decided to purchase my prom dress early, expecting the dress to take weeks maybe months to arrive in the UK. Promgirl was great and i received my dress in 1 week. The dress came in excellent condition and it is gorgeous. The price for my dress was incredible cheap when comparing prices to the UK. Thank you Promgirl

Order: 8324 Rating: Excellent Love, love, love this store! I've ordered 2 dresses from them now, and both times they fit perfectly. The measurements are right on track to make dress shopping with out trying it on super easy. Thank you so much for such wonderful styles! Do you by chance have a frequent buyer program?? lol! Thanks again! Lauren Kuta

Order: 10662 Rating: Excellent Excellent products, very quick shipping and fast response to email.

Order: 8255 Rating: Excellent I purchased my daughters prom dress from Promgirl.net and saved at least $75.00. I could not believe how quickly it came! I ordered late on a Wednesday afternoon and it had arrived on Friday!! I was very pleased with the packing and I felt confident that the dress had not been tried on and damaged as I found in the shops that we went to for dresses. I would recommend Promgirl.net to everyone!!

Order: 8324 Rating: Excellent Love, love, love this store! Ive ordered 2 prom dresses from them now, and both times they fit perfectly. The measurements are right on track to make dress shopping with out trying it on super easy. Thank you so much for such wonderful styles! Do you by chance have a frequent buyer program?? lol! Thanks again! Lauren K.

Order: 8408 Rating: Excellent This company was great. We had ordered the dress and it ended up being too small. I called the customer service and the gentleman was so nice that he helped me out. I went and shipped the dress back the same day and told them that it was in the mail. My dress arrived the next day. The service is wonderful. I highly recommend this company to others. Thank you again for all the great service and help.

Order: 8468 Rating: Excellent I was exceedingly happy with the ease of ordering, the selection offered, and the quality of the item received. The dress is lovely, and my daughter is ecstatic! We received it one full day before we expected it, which was a pleasant surprise. Happily, my daughter wont have to suffer any last-minute angst waiting for her dress to be delivered and wondering whether it will fit once it gets here. Well definitely be shopping here when it comes time to purchase her dresses for next years winter formal, and, of course, for her senior prom, too.

Order: 8826 Rating: Excellent My daughter found the perfect prom dress - but it was less than 12 days before her prom! I phoned to make sure that it was available in her size. The salesperson was very pleasant; he assured me that it was available. I ordered the dress immediately - it was shipped the next day!! The dress is just as beautiful as my daughter had hoped; it fit perfectly, the quality is excellent, and the consensus at school is that she wore the most beautiful gown at prom. Thank you for helping make a very special event even more memorable!!

Order: 8898 Rating: Excellent We looked everywhere for a dress; we were able to not only find The dress, it was here the next day. I didn't like the shipping charges, but I am glad the service was available. My daughter looked beautiful.

Order: 8960 Rating: Excellent This site is great! The prom dresses are beautiful and affordable. Customer service was pleasant when I called to follow up that my online order was processed. Super fast shipping too! I would recommend this site, I would definitely buy from them again!

Order 9052 Rating: Excellent This was my first time shopping and ordering anything off the internet, and I had heard of the horror stories of how items would not be delivered on time or at all or in a very poor condition; so I took a big chance trusting to find my daughters prom dress on the internet, but I could not be any happier. We are both very satisfied with the high quality of service, and we know if we had went out to a department store we would not have been nearly as satisfied.

Order: 9599 Rating: Excellent I sent an email emphasizing my desperation for the dress which i was to wear at my evening wedding reception, four days prior to ordering the dress. The response and delivery of the dress was absolutely fantastic. I looked absolutely gorgeous in the dress, and everybody really adored it. I recall one of our wedding guests commenting, you look like you belong on the red carpet at the Oscars. I just want to say a big THANK YOU! To all the team at Prom Dress & Homecoming Gowns.

Order 5711: I Just wanted to Thank you and your Company very much. I received an absolutely gorgeous gown in the mail today, which I am very pleased with. I tried this gown on at a bridal shop. It must have been in a fashion show because it was torn and had missing sequins. On the bottom of the dress there was sequins cascading down on the dress that you sent me, but the dress at the bridal shop never had that, only a snagged chiffon skirt with no sequins. All we can figure is that they tried to replace it. When we asked them to order us another one, they tried to convince us nothing was wrong with it. Mind you this is a 400.00 gown actually 416 there plus 25 automatically charged fitting so it actually came to around 468.00. This wasn't some 60 dollar gown, finally they told us they would order it, but then after returning home they called us and told us that they couldn't get it, which now that we got the beautiful gown from you that did not even look remotely alike to the damaged one at the shop that maybe they were trying to scam us a little, because after saying they couldn't order it they said they would box up the damaged one and send it to us. Who wants to pay $468.00 for an already worn and damaged gown? I guess I would just really like to thank you. You run a very nice business and I will recommend it to everyone that asks. This gown was truly straight from the factory we actually had a hard time getting it out of the packaging. If ever you need a testimonial just email me I'd be glad to give you a Big Thumbs Up! Thank you again for making my Senior Prom a special,(undamaged) one!

Order 5603: Hi David Just a short e-mail to let you no that My Daughter Claire WON the Miss Wales competition and will now represent her Country at the Miss World finals in China in December. She looked absolutely stunning in the Paris Dress and a pop star judge Lisa Scott-Lee asked her for your website address as she loved it. thank you Michelle

Order: 4877 Living in the UK, I was a little apprehensive about ordering and paying for a dress with out actually seeing it or trying it on. But, this was my daughters dream dress for her Prom, she had been looking at it for about six months, and no matter how many dresses we looked at it always came back to this one. I sent a couple of e mails re sizes/availability etc before I ordered, the response was really impressive. I placed the order and the dress arrived, as promised, 7 days later.That is when the WOW factor kicked in. The dress is absolutely fabulous, so beautiful, and apart from a couple of minor adjustments fits as if it had been tailor made. SO, one very big thank you to Formal dresses and Homecoming Gowns for making my daughters dream come true.

Order: 2469 Regarding order #prom2000-2460 we received our order today. We ordered Mori Lee dress style #7103 in a size 6. It is beautiful!!!!!! It fits perfectly! We are very happy with the service we received. To tell you the truth I was a little leery about ordering the dress on-line but since the price was $100 less than the exact same dress that my daughter tried on at a store we had to give it a try. Wow are we impressed. We are going to share your website with everyone we know! Thanks again. Linda

Order: 1221 Rating: Excellent Comments: Prom Dresses was very prompt in expediting the order and delivering it. I was pleasantly surprised! Their prices are very good. They were also very efficient and courteous on the phone. I would DEFINITELY use their services again. Thank you to Promgirl.net and Great Job!

Order: 1206 Rating: Excellent Comments: Great communication, received dress in 2 days, very pleased!!!!

Order: 1171 Rating: Excellent Comments: Promgirl, has to be one the finest experiences I have had shopping on the web. We tried to get the Prom dress we wanted locally, only to be told we would have to wait three weeks for delivery, and then alterations. I ordered from Promgirl, on a Friday, and on Monday had a beautifully packaged, perfect exact dress! This store is not to be outdone. Superior Customer Service, We paid $100.00 less than our local bridal store and immediate shipment. Could not find better anywhere! I would highly recommend to everyone! T. Smith

Order: 1096 Rating: Excellent Comments: They were very helpful in every way. My daughter was completely satisfied in every way. They answered all our questions and made sure we received the right size and everything. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks.

Order: 1093 Rating: Excellent Comments: Thank You Soooo Much!:)

Order: 1085 Rating: Excellent

Order: 1069 Rating: Excellent Comments: This was one of my first experiences ordering over the internet. I was very pleased. They were very prompt in answering an questions I had and keeping me posted on the time frame of shipping.

Order: 1043 Rating: Excellent

Order: 989 Rating: Excellent

Order: 962 Rating: Good Comments: Beautiful, good quality dress, reliable service, but it was a lengthy process due to stock availability.

Order: 843 Rating: Excellent Comments: we were told the gown would not ship until the first of April and we received the gown 10 days later. it will give us plenty of time to match everything and shes tried it on 20 times already. thanks

Order: 779 Rating: Excellent Comments: They were very nice and worked easily with me. I wasn't able to get the dress I first picked out because they were out but they quickly showed me two others that were similar and I ended up liking the one they picked better. Thanks.

Order: 744 Rating: Good Comments: shopping on line is a lot easier. The dress is beautiful I'll be looking great on prom night. Thanks.

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