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Champagne Dresses

Champagne, nude, and blush dresses have seen a surge of popularity in recent seasons, and it's not hard to see why! The right shade can be incredibly flattering on just about everyone, and the muted color makes a classy blank slate to show off feminine embellishments and a sophisticated silhouette. You'll glow in this classic neutral that's anything but basic!

The first thing that you have to understand about champagne is what the color is. You can almost call it a bronze, but it isnít quite that. Champagne is more of a muted, warm brown color that is light and airy. This is a great color for a lot of people. It is important to understand that depending on the material that the champagne color lies on will depend on how the color actually looks in the end, so you have to realize that not every champagne dress is going to look the same. If you are going to wear a champagne dress, you should look at the situations you are going to wear it in. Champagne is a muted color, so it is really good for fall and winter seasons. It is also good for situations where you donít want to stand out or a muted color is necessary. Things like work functions and work dinners are a great place to pull out the champagne color, or try it out at a wedding reception and see how good it looks. The champagne homecoming dresses are very popular in the last couple of years. Like itís been said before, the champagne color is a little more muted, so in this sense, you will want to look at your skin tone, it will make a difference. If you are a blond or have a more fair skin tone, you may not want to wear champagne it may actually make you appear more muted. But, if you have a darker skin tone or a darker or brighter hair color, it may work better for you. It is important to know that and to pay attention to it so that you get something that fits you and matches your skin tone and doesnít drown you out. Champagne is a great color; you just have to know how to wear it and when it is appropriate. Donít be intimidated by this color, it isnít hard to pull off; you just have to know where it looks best. Make sure you are on top of the season that you are in and your skin color and hair color, this will all make a huge difference. Try champagne dresses the next time you need a great fall or winter dress or something to wear when you really donít want to wear flashy colors; this is a classy and elegant choice.

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