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Short dresses are a new and exciting fad at prom time or anytime. For a long time, the only option for prom dresses was long and flowing gowns. That is not the case anymore. Prom dresses come in a huge variety of styles, colors, patterns, and glam from strapless to halters. You can find a variety of long formal dresses available for prom or any other special occasions.

Short dresses are perfect not only for prom

Short dresses are perfect for cocktail parties, homecoming, graduation, or any special event where you want to feel glamorous and girly. No matter what your own personal style is, you can find a short dress that allows you to make a statement, without saying a word!

Accessories for short dresses and cocktail dresses

One of the best things about choosing a short dress for your special occasion is the freedom to accessorize. Sometimes, with longer more formal gowns, accessories have to be simple, but with a short party dress, the skyís the limit. Sparkling earrings, dangling necklaces, dazzling headbands, and beautiful bracelets are all great ways to dress up your short dress and express your own style. Even silk ribbons or rhinestone belts can be added to give make give short dress that extra pizzazz.

What shoes to wear with cocktail and short dresses

And letís not forget the shoes! Another great thing about choosing a short dress for prom, graduation, or a party is you can show off your shoes. Often, with longer, formal gowns the shoes are hidden beneath the dress. With short dresses, the shoes become another mark of style. Metallic shoes, rhinestone shoes, and even dressed up sandals are all in style this year, and they look outstanding with a short dress. You can choose shoes that complement the colors in your dress or choose a contrasting pair for an extra dose of personality. Choosing shoes has never been so fun.
There are many common materials used in making short dresses.

Chiffon, which is light, and flows all through the body can be used to make Prom dresses that come in many varieties. Short dresses made from these dresses not only look glamorous, but also make one have an elegant look. Many people prefer it because one can use it on top of other materials to bring out its elegance.

Organza short dresses are almost similar to silk. This is because the material used in making the organza prom dresses is blended with silk, nylon and polyester, which makes it lightweight.

Silk short prom dresses are always glamorous. This is because its natural fiber has a shimmer look which always makes the prom dress look elegant always. Prom dresses can also be made from different silk materials including silk blended with satin or with crepe giving the dress a wrinkled look.

Satin short dresses are soft in texture. This is because of the different blends that create a material that has a high luster feeling. However prom dresses made from this material are considered not long lasting because of the cotton fibers that are added to the satin.

Velvet short prom dresses are made from velvet material, which has a soft feeling, and are only present in the manufacture of vintage gowns, or prom dresses from specific era. In the early times, velvet was made from silk fibers as opposed to know where it is made from cotton among other synthetic fibers.

Short prom dresses made from tulle. A material made from rayon among other fibers, and has another texture and this makes the prom dress light and airy. These types of prom dresses are bulky because they come in different layers.

Taffeta made short dresses are designed with fabric that is woven fro silk or any other synthetic fibers. There are a series of taffeta which are considered to be died, and are used for the prom dresses. This is because taffeta is stiff and hence lasts longer. Also being economical, one will not need to buy a prom dress in a long time.

Short dresses for prom and homecoming made from these materials are not only glamorous but also look elegant. Due to this they are widely bought by people to ensure that the prom occasion is successful as well as their style is not cramped. While doing the prom dresses with the various accessories, it also helps in completing the look. When buying a prom dress it is advisable to do research on the best-preferred style.

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