A- Line Dresses

A line dresses are perfect for the girliest of girly-girls! This cut looks great on tall and thin frames, as well as tall and curvy. The fitted bust flows down and subtly outward, just skimming the body in the form of an ďAĒóhence the name! This look is perfect for girls who want to look and feel like princesses at their special event without the usual poof of a ball gown. An A-Line cut is another timeless look and adds an intangible elegance to anyone wearing it! Clarisse style #2359 is a stunning strapless A-line work of art. The silver jeweled sweetheart neckline is highlighted by smaller jewels in turquoise and gold, while the iridescent body is a flowing ocean of green, jade, turquoise and faint hints of yellowish-gold. With this unforgettable piece, youíre sure to make other prom goers green with envy!

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